Nissan Leaf battery fits on models 2011 through 2015, Drive (Traction) Battery, Re-manufactured, with 2 -Year/ 40,000 mile Warranty- whichever comes first.


*This battery will restore your car to Full Range (65-85 Miles per charge), and usually restore it to a Full 12 bars.*

*If your car has a Crypto Computer (encrypted by Nissan 2013 and newer), we will not be able to restore the bars on the dashboard, but you will still have Full Capacity, and Full Driving Range. Your Range Meter will still show the correct Range.


*This Two-Year, 40,000 Mile Warranty is actually an Extended Warranty of the One-Year/ 20,000 Mile Warranty. The batteries are both the same. Under the Two-Year Warranty, if your Battery slips below 9 Capacity bars out of 12, then we will replace your Battery with another Full Range Battery Pack.


*8.75% Sales Tax will be Additional.

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Nissan Leaf 2011 - 2015, Drive (Traction) Battery, 2-Year/ 40K Warranty